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summer season 2020

If you have the fortune to be able to say "I'm going to my friend's house in Ibiza" you know well what type of love it is. The one that opens the doors for you to the true island, to its heartbeat and its places. The love of great hosts. Discover it through the New Collection.

A Russian model raised in Germany, living in Ibiza since the summer of 2018. Freckles, swimming pool and a baby, she didn't hesitate to come to live in Ibiza as soon as they proposed it to her.

She says that Ibiza is a love that is strong and warm, deep and calm. With parties, yes, and at the same time many moments of reconnection, nature and calm. Of encounters with people and feeling at home. Even inviting more than 20 friends to spend the summer.

A son of Ibiza, where he was born in 1980. A Hotel owner, host par excellence,with Mediterranean blood in his veins.

He opened the doors of Ibiza to rock, to his singular hotels and to a thousand anecdotes with first-class celebrities. He created the Rock Night parties in places as iconic as the Hotel Pikes, which years ago, lodged Freddy Mercury and George Michael. For Diego, Ibiza sounds different, depending on the time of the year.

Ambassador of the island par excellence. For decades, he lived between NY and the island, where he rode around in a tanga until it became fashionable. Multifaceted public relations person, Pygmalion of the most glam Ibiza and host of international socialites.

He met it, he fell in love and has never left it again. Carlos surrendered to the naturalness and rapturous freedom of this authentic island. He rode naked on its virgin beaches. He introduced it to the whole world. He played host to Grace Jones, Naty Abascal, Valentino, Polanski... inviting them to private parties full of hippies, in his house without electricity or running water. And he organized the most talked-about parties at Ku and Pachá. The island has grown older, but he still loves it.